How do you travel?

Punctuality and efficiency are both part of the Swiss culture and its transportation system.  For our Swiss trips we usually travel using the Swiss railways, busses and trams.  Trips to other destinations most often include airport pickup and private transportation between base villages and to/from hiking destinations and other activities.

Why do many of your trips take place in early and late summer instead of during the height of summer?

While we can and do offer trips during the height of the hiking season in July and August, the school holidays of Germany, the most populous and prosperous nation of Europe, peak in mid-to-late July and August meaning that the trails and towns of the Alps tend to be most congested during these times.  If at all possible, we encourage our guests to travel in late June, early July or mid-to late September in order to provide a more peaceful environment and also to have a better chance of getting a table at a hut, a not-to-be-missed part of any alps hiking experience.  These times also coincide with peak wildflower seasons and special cultural events like fall festivals and cow descents (“Almabtrieb”).

What will the weather be like?

In a word, “VARIABLE”.  The weather in the alps can change quickly and you should be prepared for sun, rain, and, yes, even light snow.  You may encounter temperatures in the 20s up to as high as the low 80s Fahrenheit.  Typically, temperatures will range from the upper 30s to low 70s, therefore you should be packing for and planning to layer your clothing to quickly shed/add layers as conditions and temperatures change.  Not to worry, some of our most memorable hikes have been in light snow conditions.

What about group size?

Our trips are a “go” with as few as two guests but we limit our groups to no more than 8 guests.  These trips form memories to last a lifetime and who better to build these memories than with your closest friends?  Ideally we encourage our guests to form their own groups of four to eight participants which allows us to offer an unparalleled level of service and attention.

Where will we stay? 

We stay at small, hotels or bed and breakfasts, often with a relaxing wellness area. Breakfast and most dinners will be at our hotels.  Our hotels are typically family-run establishments where it is not uncommon to see multiple generations of the family owners living on premises and working to provide you a high level of service and exceptional cuisine.

What level of fitness is required? 

Our trips are geared for guests with a medium to high level of fitness.  Guests should have a level of fitness allowing them to comfortably hike 7-12 miles each day with elevation gains up to 3,500 feet.  For guests who would like an easier option, each day we will also offer shorter hikes/walks with relatively little elevation gain but still beautiful scenery. 

What is included?

Our trips include transport to/from your designated airport (usually in person on arrival), all accommodations, breakfasts and dinners, trail snacks, gondola and chairlift tickets and listed activity/attraction tickets.  Lunches are the guests responsibility and should be budgeted at $35 p.p./day in Switzerland and $25 p.p./day for other destinations.  Alcoholic beverages are also the guests’ responsibility.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have an explore page with a lot of other information, and we even have downloadable PDFs with tips and tricks so you can save the info you need.