Breathtaking hiking in the Alps, from valley to peak.

Some of the Earth's greatest landscapes are found in the Alps of Switzerland, Austria and Italy. At Alps Elevated, we aim to give you a hiking adventure of unparalleled value by taking you on guided hiking tours to places that you’ll never forget.

All photography is from our travels

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dolomite mountains italy

Experience the beautiful mix of Austrian, Italian and Ladin cultures and the spectacular, other-worldly formations of the Dolomites

Packages from $2,975

Cheese, chocolate, and the expansive vistas of the Swiss Alps make it a treasure not to be missed

Packages from $3,195

Mozart and The Sound of Music may have made Austria famous, but its alps and lakes make it a timeless destination

Packages from $2,095

Special Event: β€œUs Elevated” Couples Retreat, July 2020

Join us in Switzerland for a couples retreat that will be filled with adventure and relationship instruction provided by Georgia Anderson, a Gottman certified instructor, and founder of Know How Mom.